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SEC24 CWL401S Surveillance system with tablet and camera

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Artikelnummer: 993309978

Recorded motion
The CWL401S camera is fitted with a motion sensor which causes the camera to automatically start recording to the micro SD card or external hard drive whenever motion is detected. Neither the micro SD card nor the hard disk is included as standard. However, you can use any micro SD card (up a maximum of 128 GD) or a standard external hard drive (up to 2 TB).

Viewing images
The camera images can be viewed quickly and easily via the 7” touch screen hand the app. You can view the images of each individual camera or of all the cameras (up to 4 simultaneously) via the quad-screen function. You can easily view events that were recorded earlier via a simple calendar.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
The camera comes with a dust-proof and water-resistant housing (IP66) so that it can withstand dirt and rain and is consequently ideal for outdoor use.

Digital signal
The camera connects to the touch screen via a digital signal. This signal is secured and is not susceptible to interference, meaning there is no risk of someone else viewing your images.

The system can be expanded with 3 additional cameras, allowing you to use up to 4 cameras for viewing and recording via the system. The additional cameras can be ordered separately under item number CWL401C.

No hidden costs
All of the camera's functions can be used immediately and free of charge. This means there is no subscription fee for certain functions.

Easy to install
The camera can be installed quickly and easily. Connect the camera and the monitor using the adapters supplied and hook up the camera to the monitor by following the instructions on the touch screen. Whenever you wish to view the images on your smartphone or tablet, connect the network cable and download the WDVR Cam app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Then follow the steps displayed in the app and you will be able to view live images from your camera/cameras.

USB port
The monitor comes with a USB port which you can use to connect the external hard disk or mouse if you wish to use one.

WDVR Cam App
The WDVR Cam iOS & Android app is free to download. You can easily find it by searching the Apple Store or the Google Play Store for ‘WDVR Cam’.

All SEC24 products come standard with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

SystemMonitor + kamera/kameror - trådlös
FunktionerPIR sensor
Förpackningens innehåll2 strömadaptrar, Bildskärm, kameraställ, trådlös kamera
Medföljande kablarNätverkskabel - 1 delar
Garanti2 år
Diagonal storlek7"
Inbyggda enheterPekskärm
Kvantitet1 kameror
Typ av kameraUtomhus
Sensor2 Megapixel
Synfält90° (H), 45° (V)
Infraröda lysdioder5
Infrarött avstånd10 m
Brännviddslängd3.6 mm
Min. drifttemperatur-10 °C
Maximal drifttemperatur50 °C
SpecifikationerBildskärm: 20 cm x 3 cm x 12.7 cmKamera: 6 cm x 12.6 cm x 13.5 cm