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Havit HV-KB390L Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Nordic Black

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Havit HV-KB390L - Keyboard - backlit - USB - Nordic countries - key switch: Kailh Blue

Low-profile, high-performance, high performance
 Havit HV-HK390L is a mechanical low-profile gaming keyboard from top-notch shelf when it comes to design and performance. Mechanical light gaming gaming keyboard from the very best hyldewhen it comes for design and performance.

Exclusive and simple design
 The HV-HK390L is embedded in quality, with a key height of only 11.5 mm, aluminum design and kailh blue switches. There is no doubt: The HV-HK390L is embedded in quality.

You control the show
 Despite the simple design, you will of course get backlight, Which you can configure yourself via the supplied power.

Product DescriptionHavit HV-KB390L - Keyboard - Nordic Countries
Type of deviceKeyboard
BacklitIce blue
LayoutThe Nordic countries
Number of keys87
Hotkey FunctionWindows keyboard lock
NyckellåstypKailh Blue
Dimensions (WxDxH)35.4cm x 12.75cm x 2.25cm
Weight520 g